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22-Nov-2017 19:23

She gave him a son, the first male grandchild in his father’s clan. I’m a Filipina, born and raised in the Philippines while my husband is a Chinese who traveled and moved to the Philippines for business reasons. At first I wasn’t attracted at him because I used to hate men of his kind having had the stereotype that Chinese men in the Philippines are using Filipinas only as means to put up businesses in the country, treating them like maids and giving them only an allowance which is akin to house keeping salary.Sadly, a lot of Filipinas agree to such set-up because of poverty and their desire to help their family.Today, Chinese Filipino male and female populations are practically equal in numbers.These Chinese mestizos, products of intermarriages during the Spanish colonial period, then often opted to marry other Chinese or Chinese mestizos .But shortly before my pregnancy turned 4 months, he came to our house to seek my mom’s permission to marry me because he didn’t want the scandal that our impending plan will bring.But for me marriage is a life time commitment; I didn’t want to agree to get married just because I was pregnant and without love.

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"Indigenous Filipino", or simply "Filipino", is used in this article to refer to the Austronesian inhabitants prior to the Spanish Conquest of the islands.

Chinese people are everywhere and some say that they marry local women in order to set up businesses.

That’s a stereotype, yes, and not all Chinese men are the same.

I find myself really attracted to this Filipino guy.

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I actually get along with him very well and I'm probably overthinking but...nor does it include Chinese immigrants from the People's Republic of China since 1949.